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Amritsar Village Tour (Organic Vegetable Farms)

Amritsar Travel Book

Some of the tips for Amritsar Travellers regarding the availabilities in amritsar :

Amritsar Food Specialities
Some of the Famous Dhaba's of Amritsar (Eating Points)
Pure Vegetarian Dhaba
Non Vegetarian Dhaba
Non Vegetarian Restaurants
Famous Amritsari Sweet Shops :
Amritsar is one of the highest consumption of Desi (Pure) Ghee in India, and most the sweets manufacture here is made of Desi Ghee only. Some famous shops are :
Shopping in Amritsar
There are many places to shop in Amritsar, Punjab. The market places buzz with activity and people flock in the markets right from 10:00 Am till 9:00 PM.
Some famous shops are :
The main shopping areas in Amritsar are, Katra Jaimal Singh, Hall Bazar, Queens Road and Lawrence Road. Malls are also started in Amritsar in the Mall Road area, the market around the Golden temple sells mostly religious stuff and literatures.

Amritsar is famous for woolens, carpets ,shawls, sweaters and blankets, Ladies Suits , Punjabi jutti (Punjabi Leather Shoe) and embroidered stuff. The clothes in fulkaari work is the speciality and are also seen hanging in the showcases of the shops.

Foodstuff, especially spices are a must pick, Amritsari Paper and Warian are very special.
Night Life :
Nightlife in Amritsar can be well spent by visiting Golden Temple. Sitting by the Sarovar during the evening till the Palki Sahib Ceremony.

On the fun side, you can try out the local bar in a hotel and Bars which are normally busy. Or enjoy live Guzal and Indian songs in some of the star rated hotel's restaurants and Bars.

A visit to the Mall on shopping area or walking in the Lawrence Road is another way to spend your evenings in Amritsar.
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