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BBK D.A.V. College Amritsar

Spread over an area of 65,000sq. yards, the college campus is modern, attractive and well equipped for comfort, convenience and academic pursuits. This campus offers a large number of special opportunities for students. Apart from the class rooms, it has fully furnished Computer Labs, Music Rooms, Home Science & Fashion Designing Laboratories, Design Labs, Science Labs, Geography, Travel Tourism and Psychology Labs, Studios for Fine Arts, Commercial Art and Design. Separate department of design has come up with TEXTILE LAB, FASHION LAB, INTERIORS LAB, STUDIOS, SHOPPE, DARK ROOM, VIDEO PRODUCTION STUDIO, AUDIO PRODUCTION STUDIO, ELECTRONICS LAB, STILL PHOTOGRAPHY LAB & STUDIO, ART GALLERIES, MULTIMEDIA LAB, JEWELLERY STUDIO & MANUFACTURING LAB, VIRTUAL LIBRARY, SEMINAR ROOM & OPEN AIR THEATRE. A HI-TECH LANGUAGE LAB & AVIATION LAB & AESTHETICALLY DESIGNED COSMETOLOGY LAB ARE THE LATEST ADDITION TO THE EVER-GROWING CAMPUS.

The college is equipped with learning facilitators & gadgets ranging from Overhead Projectors, Slide Projectors, Xerox Machine, TV, VCR & Audio Players, Multi Media Projector and Multimedia CD ROMs. In order to meet the demands of Computer & IT related courses, the college has a TECHNO CENTRE with six state-of-the-art computer labs equipped with Wi-Fi technology, which have around 200 terminals connected through LAN with fast internet facility and latest virtual library, printers, scanners, configurations to meet the needs of the students. College has special feature of leased line of Internet. The internet is available for 24 hours in all the college labs and departments. The college offers CENTRAL COMPUTING FACILITY to the faculty and the students with twenty four hour internet facility, to collect teaching learning resource. For conferencing, seminars, symposia & board meetings, the college has an air conditioned SEMINAR ROOM.

The college offers a well-equipped multi storeyed high-tech, fully computerized LIBRARY, which has over 60,000 books and subscribes to 200 journals, 16 newspapers and 60 popular magazines. Internet facility is also available in the Library. The college also has a CD Library. Each bonafide student is a member of the college library. At the time of admission, a student will be issued an identity card and will deposit 10 photographs. Subsidised photostat service is available for the members of the staff and the students of the college. For further details, read the library information brochure.

The silver jubilee AUDITORIUM - URVI, with a seating capacity of 1200 has been completed at a cost of Rs.1.5 crore. The auditorium is the centre of academic, co-academic and cultural activities like conferences, orientation camps, face-to-face shows, annual functions, and as preparatory ground for many items related to performing arts.

The SPORTS COMPLEX which is an impressive focal point of the players’ activities, has facilities such as a Badminton Hall, Yoga Hall, Table-Tennis Hall, Judo Hall, Gymnastics Hall, Weightlifting Hall, Counselling Room, Change Room for players, Wash Room & Toilets, offices for teachers and coaches, Sports Store-Rooms and Exhibition Hall, NCC Room, NSS Room and others.

In the beautifully designed Shri Mohan Lal Arora YAJYASHALA, Havan is performed in the college daily at 08:30 AM, not only to purify the atmosphere but also to make the students aware of the vedic culture, our rich tradition and heritage.

A multi-tiered parking block has also come up. The STADIUM with a seating capacity of 1,000 has also been constructed. A Common Room for students and a separate block form Music & Dance is also under construction. Appreciating BBK's special efforts towards the promotion and popularization of vocational education for women empowerment, the UGC (University Grants Commission, New Delhi) deems it as a Model College in vocational education and the NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council, Bangalore) Peer team also applauded the college's achievements in this area -

"The college is committed to the empowerment of women through learning beyond education in futuristic vision. The main focus of the college is on vocational and professional degrees which ensures not only ready employment but also qualifies the students for self-employment. This is a redeeming feature of higher education for which the college holds role model. It has spurred the college to reach good measure of higher educational services, worthy of emulation by women colleges of India. The management and all functionaries are motivated by high ideals of launching India on the path of rapid development of higher education in India with idealism and commitment to excellence in innovative and essential area of skills and knowledge formation".

BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar was founded in the year 1967 under the aegis of DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, with the avowed aim of spreading the benefits of education to women, synchronizing tradition with modernity.

Epitomizing the philosophy of Swami Dayanand Ji - 'From Darkness Unto Light', the college has a strong commitment 'to enlighten and to excel' so that all the learners grow up to be fine human beings & are able to assume positive and fulfilling roles in nation-building and promote a culture of peace and non-violence.

With its roots deeply entrenched in ancient Vedic Culture and Indian tradition, the institution is receptive to the winds of change and responsive to the regional, national and global aspirations. The institution is making earnest efforts to reach out to different parts of the globe and attract foreign students.

The college earnestly endeavours to enrich and empower all its beneficiaries through value-based, quality education and through participative, positive and fertile teaching-learning environment based on the principles of caring and sharing and peaceful coexistence.

The college is constantly engaged in the promotion and revival of Indian tradition, culture, heritage and spiritual philosophy through co-curricular/ cultural activities, theatrical presentations, learned discourses and awareness-raising programmes.

We envision the creation of excellent human resource through integration of multi-dimensional Personality Development Programmes with the college curriculum in order to produce world-class professionals.