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D.A.V. College Amritsar

A premier educational institution of North India, DAV College Amritsar has high academic standing and a reputation for excellence in research and teaching which is reflected in the demand for courses for high achieving students, the relevance of graduates to the community in which they work , the quality of staff and their strong performance and commitment to research. A gateway to academic and professional excellence, this multi-faculty, postgraduate (co-ed) College is famous for providing cutting edges to academic and co-academics skills through its commitment to innovative and student-friendly intiiatives. The college has created an inimitable academic space for itself with in nearly five decades of its monumental existence.

Our Vision
is to make our motherland an intellectually formidable power-house by creating a cadre of motivated and prospective individuals who become catalysts of change through education which is value and need-based, which is technologically driven, collectively--constructed and dialogically explored, which is globally relevant and yet essentially rooted in the matrix of Indian philosophy and its holistic world-view of vasudheva katumbkam.

Our Mission
To offer a wide range of higher education in tune with the needs of industry, business and administration leavened by strong commitment to excellence and creativity in teaching and leraning which is responsive to regional, national and international needs and aspirations.